4.0 General Admission Nursing Program Policy

4.1 Qualified students shall have the necessary knowledge base to facilitate a transparent continuation of their education and a successful passing of the NCLEX-RN exam.

4.2 Refer to PL-0018 for additional information.

5.0 Background Clearance For The Nursing Program

5.1 The healthcare affiliates of Anamarc College require students attending clinical rotation to be free of positive criminal background results that may indicate a possible threat to their patient population.
5.2 Likewise, the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) and the New Mexico (NM BON) will only permit licensure for an applicant who has a clear criminal background and deemed not to be a potential threat or danger to the public. 5.3 Therefore, as a partner within the community of healthcare providers, Anamarc College is committed to adhering to these and all safety requirements. Furthermore, it is the desire of Anamarc College that students be free of all encumbrances during their course of studies as well as when applying to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. This policy defines the procedure that students shall follow to obtain a criminal background clearance for clinical rotation and for licensure.

5.4 Refer to PL-0019 for additional information.

6.0 Entrance Examination Policy

6.1 Per the General Admission Program Policy, all applicants shall successfully complete the program-appropriate entrance exam in order to be considered for admission into the nursing program. The purpose of the exam is to assess the applicant’s fundamental academic skills required for program success.

6.2 Refer to PL-0020 for additional information.

7.0 Associate Degree In Nursing (ADN) Admission Policy

7.1 In addition to the general requirements that nursing program applicants must meet as defined in PL-0018, ADN Program applicants shall comply with additional requirements specific to the program.

7.2 Refer to PL-0022 for additional information.

8.0 Articulation Into Nursing Programs Policy

8.1 Educational mobility acknowledges an individual’s competencies and enables the individual to progress from one educational level to another with minimal repetition of previous learning to facilitate a transparent continuation of the individual’s education.

8.2 Refer to PL-0023 for additional information.

9.0 Credit By Examination

9.1 As per PL-0023, Articulation into Nursing Programs, the evaluation of transfer credit is based on different criteria including examination. Applicants who are determined eligible to seek transfer credit by examination shall comply with specific guidelines.

9.2 Refer to PL-0024 for additional information.